you can get whatever you want at alice's restaurant

hello internet. it's friday! so far i've spent this morning listening to arlo guthrie and working on my egg poaching skills. i think i've got it. no tricks, gadgets, vinegar, whatever. salted boiling water, drop an egg into it. let chill. slotted spoon. cover with tapatio. jeremy is sitting at our table being productive/reading the news. it's nice to spend a morning at home, especially when we've been out and about lately; craft fairs, parks parks parks, seeing lots of friends, etc. we've been staying closer to home the past couple of weeks and it's been nice. of course that means we're just going to be out of town a lot coming up soon. anyway, here we go with the week in review or the WIR as my buddy nevin says:

last friday we actually went out for a rare breakfast that isn't grabbing a pastry and coffee at our awesome bakery.

we walked on over to mama's, our cherished neighborhood breakfast joint. jeremy got my favorite, the eggs brady, while i ate a giant, giant omelet. i lovvvvveee breakfast and while i do enjoy cooking it myself, it's nice to be able to order off a menu and have someone constantly refilling your coffee for an hour.

after eating a giant breakfast, i walked over to bart to go get my hair cut by my friend jamey at edo. here is my before shot and a peak at how much hair got cut off.

i am totally happy with my haircut! jamey is the best! i only wish i had remembered to save a lock of my hair for jeremy. but frankly, i was kindof drunk from a couple strong pints at toronado before hand.

this week we also met our friends dusty and tristan at the mosswood playground near our house. miri and tristan are less than a week apart in age! tristan also has the most beautiful hair i may have seen on a child after miri.

i really like the contrast between jeremy and miri's faces on that one. she lovveessss her daddy. also, that hoodie that jeremy is wearing is like a magnet for people asking him/trying to sell him weed. as he was sitting on the swings, some kid came up to us and offered him some grapes. heh. he politely declined. later in the week we got offered again as we were walking down telegraph. not surprised that we have the stoner 'look'.

saturday i helped out my good friend maia of dandy lion press at the renegade craft fair at fort mason. her etsy is here. go buy a card or a t shirt! my favorite is the jackalope with bullhorns. cutest! i am going to hopefully be helping maia out more in the future which is cool. i like her, her business and her family so much. support them!

i had a great day at the fair. i got a print i've looked at on etsy a few times already, a stuffed dinosaur for miri and the brown jackalope shirt for jeremy. everyone liked their presents. i kindof wish i had gotten another print that i saw and waffled on but what can you do. by sunday though, i was ready to stretch my legs at pt. isabel, the biggest dog park in the country. ethel and miri had a ball.

i LOVE pt. isabel. i totally used to go there before i even had a dog because i love it so much. there are great views of sf and the north bay. we hiked around for about two hours.

(if you look closely you can see a dog standing on the picnic table!)

here is ethel tuckered out afterwords:

best dog! <3 <3 <3