todo somos oscar grant

oscar grant trial is almost over. stickers all over oakland say: day of the verdict, 6pm, city hall. i don't think it will be a baby friendly gathering. i'm hoping that friends and family that have businesses downtown board up their windows in anticipation. i have a feeling that oakland pd is going to preemptively shut down the bart stations downtown and get pretty brutal to 'teach lessons' ugh.

i do not have any hope that mehserle will be convicted. not any. it's like hoping that kerry would beat bush in the general election. was never going to happen.


dogs + toddlers + gays make my brain explode

man this week has been very busy with friends in from out of town and hanging out with friends that live here and just going to a lot of parks. parks parks parks.

we live right by mosswood park, and luckily, it has a dog park.

we love this dog park. we know all the regulars, and everyone is generally pretty okay with having a toddler chasing around the dogs too.

going to the dog park is great because ethel runs around like crazy (she will chase anything, and harass any dog into playing with her) and it's all fenced in so miri is stuck inside too. we go to the dog park much more than we go to the kids playground at mosswood. there is stuff for miri to climb on, and some wooded areas for her to run around in that she loves. on tuesdays and thursdays starting at 5:15 there is a small dog meetup. the dog in the black harness is one of ethel's favorite buddies, peanut.

he and ethel are almost exactly the same size/color/build. they are both from local shelters but not the same one. maybe they are related? who knows!

we DO take miri to playground-like parks too. here is a picture from totland in berkeley on friday and the civic center playground during pride today. my friend stephen said it was like the calm in the storm because it was only for kids and their caretakers in a sea of sf pride craziness

miri had a great time though! she got handed free stickers by tons of people, saw lots of people dancing and getting naked. it was really crowded at times and corporate. bank of america booth? gross. but all in all it was fun.

miri also had her first its it today! i lovvveee its its and always ate them as a kid so i was stoked to get her one. she and jeremy shared a vanilla one and i, uh, ate most of a mint one all to myself. i love its its! it was so hot out today, we hid in the corner of a bus shelter for shade and devoured them. so good!

one thing about pride is that it is definitely crowded. the bart ride over to sf was filled with drunk frat bros yelling about boners and homos.

here is jeremy not amused:

here is miri squished in on the train.

but somehow we survived everything and had a good time and saw good friends and made it home. now everyone is taking a nap but me (all people/animals included). it was a good and exhausting day.