i love the colorful clothes she wears

hey everyone happy monday. mondays really don't mean much to me since i don't have a job, but jeremy is on his weekly conference call so it feels like a work day.

in the last post i forgot to talk about how we went to the berkeley hills for tilden and the little farm!

from the top of the hill of the little farm

we were there in honor of our friends katherine and andy having a new baby! it was supposed to be a baby shower but their new baby came early. she was too small to spend the day at the park but the rest of us all celebrated in honor of her. congratulations katherine and andy! and also congrats to hunter who now has a little sister. we hung out at the picnic tables eating lots of sweets and then jeremy, miri, andy, hunter and i all walked up to the farm to feed some animals. we were there a little too late to hang out with all of them but we made the best of it.

tilden, by the way, is beautiful. here are me and jeremy's shots of standing on an overlook of the bay area. it was a little hazy but still such a great view:

we also realized that we need to make plans to go to lake anza soon. tilden is so big and has so much stuff, there is no way you could get to it all in one day.

so yeah, that was tilden last week. then this week we went to a work picnic for jeremy at kehoe beach at pt. reyes. for some reason i had never been to pt. reyes before! sure, it's a drive but MAN.

to get to the beach we drove about two hours from oakland down lots of windy, and of course beautiful roads. we pulled over and it was about a mile hike in. it was overcast and a little chilly but we were prepared with lots and lots of layers. being born and raised in northern california prepares you for beach days like this one. sorry for all the photos but i just can't get over how goddamn pretty it was

sorry about the last cheesy/happy picture. i just am so stoked about the world right now!