in hybrid moments give me a moment

this weekend was super busy! on friday my band played a house show that was super fun and then on saturday we went to the farm that we get our csa from.

jeremy said this is the 'yep, it's a farm' picture. anyway we visited eatwell farm for their annual garlic harvesting and solstice party. they're located in dixon, ca which is about a half hour outside sacramento. i've been a member of their farmshare for a little over two years and i had never seen the farm before. we also decided we were overdue for a camping trip and this one was free (big basin was $44!). also, garlic.

we went on a walk on the farm, pulled a bunch of garlic out of the ground, and the owner of eatwell, nigel walker, showed us how to braid garlic. jeremy is totally better at braiding garlic than i am.

after braiding, we all ate dinner. everyone was instructed to bring a side dish (i brought a vegan lasagna). dinner was pretty good but there were some grilling problems or something and jeremy had to wait for a while for his burger. eatwell farm also provided these really great sodas that are really good. miri loved them. especially the strawberry one.

it seemed like most of the people there were from elsewhere in the bay area (more so than from the sacto/davis area) and there were quite a few hybrids and berkeley or sf parking stickers on the cars in the field. we spent a lot of time out there in the field, chasing miri around. everyone was definitely nice but the earnestness of a couple people was a lot to take. like people referring to themselves as urban foodies and shit. berkeley. anyway i know i might come off as that to other people too so whatever. we spent a lot of time in our tent or out in the field is what i'm saying. i'm pretty sure we went to sleep last.

sunday morning we woke up entirely too early, and i think last, and ate the best tortillas and eggs ever. the coffee wasn't bad either.

and that was pretty much it! we drove back to the bay area, picked up ethel in san francisco (no dogs were allowed, sadly. we missed her terribly but she had a vacation with a great dogsitter friend of ours), and came home and grilled more pizzas/read the ny times. soo bay area.