half the time has passed away

man i've had annie's song by john denver stuck in my head for days now and it's all i want to hear/think/sing. i may be driving jeremy nuts but miri likes it when you sing anything to her so i'm good on that front

i love john denver so much. he reminds me of sing alongs at summer camp. lots of john denver, peter paul and mary, etc.

we've been hanging around the house a lot. riding bikes, cooking snacks, restringing guitars and building little projects. we also went and saw residual echoes and happy birthday play at the rickshaw stop on tuesday. we even had a babysitter! here is a picture of our friend nevin hanging out with miri while jeremy and i were having a date!

miri is so into tigers

it was a fun show with a lot of my old friends from santa cruz. residual echoes did an awesome sweet emotion/finest work song medley. a friend of mine who hadn't seen them before said 'they were great, way 90s'. which is maybe true but i own a million flannels and mary janes and am probably biased. they were great and are going as far east as chicago. go see them.

then last night i went out to a bar in the mission because my friend euna was in town. also she told me she reads my blog so heyyy. we had drinks, i lost my wallet for a minute, someone helped me find it under our table and i made the last bart train home. successful night but i missed jeremy because we're usually just homebodies together.

for instance, this is what i do most of the time

eggs and polenta. jeremy's favorite and most requested breakfast.

oven baked pizza with mushrooms, arugula and bell peppers

grilled tuna, zucchini and lemons with quinoa

cinnamon rolls, pre-frosting

pickled chard, carrots, cucumbers

fettucini alfredo with green beans and tomatoes

etc. etc. right now i have some beets with balsamic and garlic roasting in the oven. i like cooking and do most of it here. i have a lot of staples i make all the time and then also jeremy makes requests (tonight i'm going to make scalloped potatoes for a potluck tomorrow) and i look at a few recipes and then just throw stuff together. and then i make him do dishes.